One of the most appealing aspects of going to Grubby’s Poke & Fish Market is the ability to completely customize your order. You get to choose exactly what is in your poke bowl, choosing bases, proteins, sauces, and toppings from a variety of different options. However, Grubby’s also offers our Signature Bowls, which are exciting bowls featuring unique ingredients that perfectly complement each other. The Signature Bowls are quickly becoming a crowd favorite, making them some of the most popular menu items at Grubby’s Poke & Fish Market. If you are interested in learning about the other top picks at Grubby’s or hearing about our fresh catches of the day, contact us today by calling (760) 828-9074.

1. The Nacho Poke

The Nacho Poke bowl is a delectable hybrid dish, combining nachos with fresh seafood to give a fun new twist on a Tex-Mex favorite. The Nacho Poke uses a base of tortilla chips with a healthy serving of Ahi Tuna on top. Then, we top the chips and fish with a cilantro, onion, and lime based poke sauce, as well as avocado, krab, furikake, eel sauce, and spicy mayo. Add it all together and it’s almost like you have a bowl of delicious mini tostadas ready to be quickly devoured.

2. Spicy Surf N’ Turf

If you like a little bit of spice in your meals, then the Spicy Surf N’ Turf may be the choice for you. Eaters beware though; this bowl can get very hot. We start with white rice mixed with Diabla Oil to give the dish a fiery base. Next, we pile on shrimp and a helping of spicy tuna and cover it in a spicy poke sauce and jalapenos, bringing the smoke straight to your mouth. To top it all off, we add chicharrones and fried onion for some crunch, along with seaweed salad, krab, and furikake. If you are bold enough to order the Spicy Surf N’ Turf, make sure you have a cold beverage handy because things will quickly heat up!

Popular menu items

3. Shanghai Salad

Looking for a fun and zesty healthy alternative? Go with the Shanghai Salad. While a salad in name, the Shanghai Salad packs more flavor and taste than most salads, making it a delicious and nutritious option. Instead of lettuce, this salad instead uses cucumber noodles and bean sprouts as the base, giving you the texture of pasta with the nutritional value of a vegetable. Next, we take fresh and tasty house smoked shrimp and toss it in our homemade poke sauce, and then add krab, seaweed salad, fried onions, mint leaves, and mandarin oranges. Finally, we toss the whole salad in a peanut sauce, giving you a fun and guilt-free meal that will not disappoint.

4. Bishop’s Bowl

Bishop’s Bowl is a truly unique dish. The bowl uses mixed greens and cucumber lightly doused with lime juice as a base, providing a perfect base for some of Grubby’s famous house smoked shrimp. We add even more protein to the bowl with a double helping of krab and a Ramen egg, and then for flavor add ginger, fried onions, furikake, mandarin oranges, and masago. We toss the whole delightful medley with poke sauce to create an intriguing and tasty bowl.

Try Signature Bowls at Grubby’s Poke & Fish Market in Carlsbad

The Signature Bowls at Grubby’s Poke and Fish Market will not disappoint. These tried and tested poke bowls are jam-packed with a variety of different flavors and textures, mixing together to create a near perfect meal. Along with our Signature Bowls, we also offer featured bowls every month, picked from the creative minds of our customers. Whatever your preference, Grubby’s Poke & FIsh Market has a bowl that matches your taste preferences. If you’re interested in learning more about our menu or the current featured bowls of the month, contact us today by calling (760) 828-9074.